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Updated: May 1, 2020

- friday calls for a break from cooking! date night in, or family dinner? up to you! choose any item from our family style dinner menu! -

Check in every Friday to see what the #coffeehouse recommends for dinner! All of our dinner menu items are perfect for a date-night in, or a great excuse to take a break from cooking! Want same day delivery? Just place your order by 2PM!

What are we recommending for dinner tonight? Burritos anyone? Maybe you missed out on Taco Tuesday, but you're craving Mexican food? HERE'S THE SOLUTION!

Order our burritos (comes with chips and salsa)! Your choice of chicken or veggie! They're so delicious, you'll have to come back on Taco Tuesday (or just order them again tomorrow, since our dinner menu is 7 days a week!)

2 person minimum, $9.95 per person

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