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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

- every wednesday, read a blurb about one of our regulars! -

With everything going on in the world currently, we wanted to shine a light on our faithful regulars at the coffeehouse. If you have been in recently, you may have noticed some new friends occupying our tables. They are quiet, but without fail are in the coffeehouse open-close, 7 days a week. (Don't worry, they are made from balloons!)

It's Regular Wednesday! Meet Ruby! She's the wise age of eight years old! She loves drawing, playing soccer with her friends, and Longbottom obviously! Ruby's go-to order is an oat milk hot chocolate, extra chocolate! We asked Ruby to mention her favorite thing about the shop for our Coffeehouse News followers and this is what she said: "I love coming here with my mom and siblings! I miss being able to sit down every Saturday and eat a waffle combo with bacon and scrambled eggs. We've been doing takeout and getting our cravings taken care of! Also, they have the yummiest chocolate chip cookies!"

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